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Lights are a real asset, it allows
to boost whichever event.

Jack LIGHT is a small highly technological link
which automatically manage your light show
according to the sound that is played.
Boîtier Jack LIGHT Jack DMX
In other words, have fun concentrating on music while Jack will manage the light show !

Thanks to our product,
lights don't follow music but music leads the lights.
Boîtier Jack LIGHT Jack DMX
Technical characteristics :

L x l x h : 10 x 7 x 7 cm
DMX : 3 or 5 PIN* and Art-Net
Autonomous : with or without WiFi
Management : Mobile app
*Jack LIGHT is compatible with all professional lamps (list)

Our technology is an inovating
and unic mix of hardware & software :

The hardware part :

In order to be closer to the music, Jack LIGHT analyzes the music in real time with more than 20 parameters in order to understand every subtleties.

jack light inteligence Artificielle
The software part :

By its unique and proprietary algorithms
coupled with Artificial Intelligence, Jack LIGHT interprets the
music to turn it into light.

Easy to use :

Icône Banchement Jack LIGHT
1 - Plug

Link Jack LIGHT to your DMX or Art-Net lamps and to the sound plug.

Icône Lancement Jack LIGHT
2 - Launch the application

Launch the application using your mobile phone.

Jack LIGHT Gif
3 - Enjoy

All your senses are now awake.

Our goal :


More than putting lights in rhythm, Jack LIGHT analyzes the music to get a perfect synchronization and thus to transport the public.

Our job

Allow everyone to live the most awesome immersive sound and light experience, removing human failure from the equation.


To achieve this, one must have a complete understanding of the sound environment in order to offer a real sound and light show.

They trust us :

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